About Me

Hi All!

I'm back!  My brother took over for a while, but I am back in charge now.  Once again I will be investigating new products and services to share with my Agents.  Be sure to stop by on a regular basis to see the products I have uncovered.  With a family of eight we are always investigating new products and services.  With Dad, Mom, two older brothers, and three sisters, we have a variety of interests.  So be sure to check in and see what is lurking around the corner.

About Me:
My name is Modesty, and I LOVE investigating all sorts of new, unique, or old and tested products for my Agents (blog readers), with the help of my five siblings and parents.  Between blogging, taking care of my three dogs (1 Schipperke and 2 Shelties), taking TaeKwonDo classes three times a week (and preparing for upcoming belt test to become a Green Belt), keeping PI of Products up-to-date and everything else I stay pretty busy.

Some of My Interests:
I LOVE blogging, reading, TaeKwonDo, photography, spending time with family and friends, volleyball, racquetball, fall, church family, sweaters, southern sweet tea, bowling and most of all my Bible, and my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!  

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