Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I want to show you a product I investigated.
Emerson Creek Pottery. I was sent a Bella vase in the Field of Iris design. It is soooo pretty! I love it. It is lead free, made in the US and it is Handpainted. I really like that it is handpainted.

Here is a little bit about them :

"Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Emerson Creek Pottery artisans are continuing the American tradition of pottery making in a contemporary way. The property on which Emerson Creek Pottery sits was originally a 500-acre land grant from the King of England. In 1825, Silas Wade aquired the land and built his two room, and two story log cabin, now the home of Emerson Creek Pottery. To the north are the majestic Peaks of Otter, visible through the treetops in winter. The land rolls gently away from the house to the creek beds. More information about this historic home can be found in the Virginia Room of the Roanoke City Library, Roanoke, Virginia.

Emerson Creek Log Cabin Influenced by the energy of Early American cobalt decoration, owners Priscilla Palmer and Jim Leavitt founded Emerson Creek Pottery in 1977. Priscilla developed the unique technique of applying natural pigments to an absorbent glaze with a Japanese Sumi-e brush. The spontaneity of the brush stroke, combined with the accuracy of design yields our distinctively recognizable style. Priscilla's deep love of the natural world provides a multitude of organic designs for all of Emerson Creek's pottery.

Our ceramic pottery has been featured at Monticello, Mt. Vernon and the Smithsonian Institute, as well as in fine homes across America. We have had the pleasure of designing customized pottery patterns for numerous clubs and organizations.

Emerson Creek Our pottery is formed of clay made onsite. Each piece is hand made, hand painted and fired in a gas kiln. Each pattern is a series of carefully planned strokes. No templates or stencils are used. The patterns are practiced and committed to memory. The artists paint the pattern again and again. Each piece is alike and yet different, like flowers in a field. We are currently featuring 14 different lines of ceramic pottery, including our beloved signature line - Field of Iris, a classic since 1977. All of our work is microwave and dishwasher safe, lead free and ovenproof.

Sumi-e Brushwork Inside the Cabin at Emerson Creek

Visitors to Virginia find a warm welcome at Emerson Creek Pottery. We are an easy 10 minute drive from Bedford, a lovely 30 minutes from Lynchburg or Smith Mt. Lake, and a pleasant 45 minutes from Roanoke. With its original log walls, original fireplace, and three double barrel chimneys, the cabin which houses the Emerson Creek Pottery factory outlet offers considerable interest to those wishing to steep themselves in the rich history of the region. And, our guests enjoy the opportunity to connect with the past by experiencing the special quality of our handmade pottery which continues a true American tradition handed down to us from Colonial times. "

I really like Handpainted ceramic pottery. It always looks so pretty.


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