Saturday, June 5, 2010

MY BUSY KIT 20% Off Code

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I wanted to come investigate another product for you.
My Busy Kits. It is a company that two women are the founders of. They tested it out on their own children. I am sure I would love to have one of these.
The Airport Kit is 19.95 and the Girls kit and the Boys kit are 26.95 My Busy Kit was started by Lorraine Akemann and Annabel Heinemann.
I will let you read their story :

Founders Lorraine Akemann and Annabel Heinemann met through the Redwood City (California) Mothers Club when their children were toddlers. My Busy Kit started from an idea Annabel had while traveling with her three children in Mexico. Her mother-in-law had packed them a clear bag full of interesting gadgets to help keep the children entertained. From the road, Annabel called Lorraine to announce, “I think we’ve got something here – let’s team up!” With five kids between them, they started finding and testing items that kids found interesting. Their goal was to assemble a kit that would keep kids occupied, making travel a little easier on parents, and a lot of fun for kids.

For the first several months, Lorraine and Annabel sent out tester kits to everybody they knew. The results were very positive! They launched the product at a preschool fair in spring 2007, and two years and 2000 kits later they are still going strong!

Their combined 2008 travel itineraries included Alaska, Vermont, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Mexico and Nicaragua. Both families survived airport security lines, travel delays, and even third-world hospital visits, thanks to the contents packed in their kits.

I know my little sister would love both the Girls kit and the Airport kit. We often take long trips and sometimes she is happy reading a book or something but after a while she gets bored. That is why I would love one of these for her. She loves to be doing something. She can not just sit there and do nothing. She is bored. Also if you have to go to a Doctors appointment or something you can grab this for your child. Perfect for traveling, Doctors offices, taking care of younger siblings, waiting in line for a sale, restaurants, if you just want them to be quiet etc. I know anybody with young children would love to have a kit from My Busy Kits.

This is what is in the Girls Kit. I know my sister would love it.

I suggest that if you have a little girl or boy that you get one of these as soon as possible. And to help you do that My Busy Kits has given me a code for 20%! WOW! Originally the Airport Kit is 19.95 and the Girls kit and the Boys kit are 26.95. The code to use for 20% off is productpi

This code is good until the end of 2010

I call that a deal. If you are thinking about getting one for your child/children order now and use that code. If you buy one or if you have bought one before please comment and let me and my agents know how you like it.

Hope to give you some more files from my investigations soon,
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