Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I was headed out shopping for what I needed for my next investigation. And I found this really really neat item that needed investigated.


Super Market Smarty sent me the Super Market Smarty Package!! Super Market Smarty is VERY VERY helpful. It has a place for coupons it has a magnifying glass to look at small writing on cans and such etc. The super market smarty package includes :
"The Smarty package includes:
free magnetic clip with every order
  • Supermarket Smarty reusable dry erase grocery list
  • Retractable refillable dry erase marker.
  • Free magnetic clip (to hang on your refrigerator) "

The Super Market Smarty looks like this...

If you go HERE you can watch a video that shows you all the features of the Super Market Smarty.

It is really helpful.

There is a pocket for your coupons and/or Notes card...

There is a magnifying glass so that you can read smaller print easier...

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Katie said...

COOL!!! This would definitely come in handy at my house!