Thursday, March 17, 2011


AdventGarde of Wellness sent me two items to review. Their Water Wand and their Water Pouch. These items are pretty nice. It cleans your water! Here is a picture of the Water Wand and the Water Pouch...

(The Water Wand and the Water Pouch)

(The Water Wand)

(The Water Pouch)

Here is a little bit about the Water Wand :
"Nature creates the best water. The Water Wand mimics it.
There are places on the earth where the water is considered especially healing and restorative to the body. Those healing springs have very specific qualities that make their molecules perform better. After years of research into how Nature creates these superlative waters, The Water Wand was developed to mimic the most healing waters on the planet.

The Water Wand from AvantGarde of Wellness mimics nature’s water enhancing process to transform tap or bottled water into a delicious natural beverage like a high mountain spring with significant health benefits. Once treated, the ionized “restorative” water lasts for at least 18-24 hours.

We infused the Wand with water qualities so it can transform ordinary tap water into extraordinary healing spring water. As a result, this restorative antioxidant alkaline ionized structured water helps restore health by doing a highly efficient job of cleansing the body at the cellular level. When this is water is taken in, it is bio-available to penetrate the cells more effectively, hydrating and naturally flushing harmful elements that may be causing your body to be less than healthy. You’ll feel better immediately knowing your drinking water is actually restoring your health from the inside out. Most tap water or other bottled “spring” waters cannot make this claim.

The Avantgarde of Wellness Water Wand is a new green technology that creates restorative water that both alkalinizes and ionizes drinking water by transforming into the best healing water through bio-mimicry. We can use this new green chemistry in the Water Wand to remove most of the contaminants from fresh water sources saving the environment 30 billion bottles of waste per year. Not only will this greatly affect our oceans but it will eventually trickle all the way down to our very own communities. The AvantGarde of Wellness Water Wand is the next level of water technology for Performance, Hydration, Health and the Environment."

Here are some pictures of us using the Water Wand...

(Here are the instructions)

(Putting the Water Wand in!)

(In the water!)

(Right before its done.)

(Drinking the Water after using the Water Wand)

Here is a little bit about the Water Pouch :
waterpouchesTM contain millions of special formula patented and FDA & NSF tested certi.ed bio-ceramic beads that mimic the action of water when it comes in contact with rocks and minerals in native streams and springs. These beads are responsible for changing the structure and clustering of the water molecules, adding electricity/ions back into the water, infusing electrolyte minerals, as well as balancing water's acdity creating a super water that has been shown to hydrate 3x better than tap waters.

The WaterPouch can be utilized for hydration/drinking, washing, cooking, pets & plants, or anywhere else you need it. When you are .nished with it in your drinking water, let it go to your garden where it will enrich the soil."

Here are some pictures of us using the Water Pouch...

(Here are the instructions for the Water Pouch)

(The Water Pouch in the Water)


(Right before its done)

(Drinking it after using the Water Pouch)

My family travels alot so it was nice having these so that we know that our water is clean!

Disclosure : I received no monetary compensation for
this review. I did receive product for review
purposes. All quotes are from
AdventGarde of Wellness
All thoughts and opinions are mine.

AdventGarde Of Wellness is a #1 company!


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