Friday, May 20, 2011

Check out these Bunk Beds!!

I have been browsing, another Cymax Store. They have some really nice looking Bunk Beds. My little sister likes looking at kids bunk beds. One big thing with her right now is that she wants the bottom bed on a bunk bed. We don't know why but she does! One of her favorite Bunk Beds is the Tradewins Doll House Wood Loft Bunk Bed.

If we did have this bunk bed though I am not sure if she would still prefer sleeping on the bottom bed. She would probably like it up there with the little window. She also has alot of dolls. This looks like it has plenty of room for them though. And she could display her porcelain dolls on the shelves.

My family uses bunk beds alot because we have a large family. We have 3 bunk beds! An L-shaped bunk bed would work well in our bedroom. It would go great in the one corner and give us some more floor space. I found one that would be nice to have. It is called the University Loft Graduate L-Shaped Extra Long Twin over Twin Junior Crew Wood Loft Bed in Natural Finish.

I would want the top bed. And my little sister would probably enjoy the bottom because of the way it is set up. She likes being where she can see you in bed. Sometimes she will even reach up and hold your hand.

Another type of bunk bed that would work great in our family are the bunk beds with trundle unit. My little sister sometimes wants to go sleep in my brothers room but that means somebody has to sleep on the floor. That's why the Alligator Enterprise Slatted Twin over Full Wood Bunk Bed would work great in their room.

It has the regular bunk bed and then a trundle bed underneath! This would also be really great for when our friends come over. There is one family we know that comes to visit sometimes and they have seven kids. When they come alot of the kids end up sleeping one the floor so this would be nice for times like that. If you have visitors alot or have a large family (or just want some more space during the day) go check it out!


MaryB said...

I love the bunk beds with the trundle. Perfect for sleepovers!

~SALLY~ said...

Ooo! That first bunk bed is gorgeous!!