Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Should we call the Plumber?" Our Kitchen Sink is Leaking!!


We have been fixing different things around the house lately. Redesigning the back room, planting flowers in our yard, putting pictures up in our bedrooms, etc. Another thing we were working on is the kitchen. A friend of ours came over to put some new counters in our kitchen sink (which looks really nice!). It was great until the sink started leaking. One of the pipes was not in right and it was leaking. We stuck a bucket under there to catch the water until we could get the parts. That meant we couldn't use it for water for cooking, dishes, etc. We do have a dishwasher but the water comes through the same pipes that were leaking. We were using a rubber bin to do the dishes in because we couldn't use the dishwasher. We were trying to decide whether to try and fix it ourselves or call in a plumber. We made the decision to try and fix it ourselves. Once we received the pieces that we needed (we thought!) my Dad and my brother started working on it and trying to fix it. It took a couple days because they had to swap out some pieces but they finally got it in and we tried running water through the sink. It worked! YAY!! So this time we didn't need to call a plumber in.

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~SALLY~ said...

The flapper on our toilet broke the other week and YAY!!! My hubby is more of a plumber than we thought! He fixed it! :)

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