Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Tips for De-cluttering Your Childs Room

Do you ever get tired of tripping over your kids toys, stepping on one of their Lego's Ouch! Or perhaps having to constantly go in and clean up their bedroom after they have been playing. Well here are some tips to help you keep the room clean.

#1.  The first thing I would do is go go through a child's toys and weed through his/hers toys and check if they really use them or if they just sit around and clutter your home up and collect dust. If the toys are not being used I would suggest selling them or donating them to someone who has children who will use them.

#2.  After that I would start putting things in order of what they are. Hot Wheels in a section, dolls in a section, etc. And I would put them in a certain area generally using bins and put them all in, and then explain to your child where the toys are to go and in what bins. I would then mark on each bin what goes in each one.

#3.  Next I would make sure that when any new toys come into the house I go through the old toys and see if anything can be gotten rid of.

#4.  I would also make the children start picking up the toys after themselves and explain to them that it helps mommy and daddy very much. Children love it when you make them feel important.

#5.  My next move would be to have a trash can in the room and tell the kids to throw away their trash, from any snacks they have, wrappers or packaging to new things they get etc.

#6.  I would also put some shelves up around the room at child level and allow them to put some of their toys on display, but still be allowed to use them so long as they out them back when thy are done. Kids love to show their toys off, especially if a friend comes over.

#7. Soon after they start reading  I would want to buy a bookshelf and put all their books, coloring books etc. on the shelf and organize them by size, and then perhaps have a small bin by the side for your kids to put books in when they are done reading, and then I would go in and put the books away each night.

#8.  I would also allow the children to hang a few of their pictures they have drawn or colored up on the wall, or perhaps put some twine from side to side and hang them up there.

#9.  If a toy came in a bin like Lego's and can stay in the bin and be ready for travel or just sit nicely in a corner I would stack them all up if possible and set them nice and neatly in a corner beside the bins containing the rest of their toys.

#10.  My last move would be to put up a laminated list of things for them to do before they leave the room on the wall, high enough they can't take it down, but low enough that they can still see and read it.

I would still go in each night after they have left and just make sure everything is cleaned up, but usually with a few good bins and some children that help, you're room can generally be pretty clean every night.

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