Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Complete Idiot’s Guides vs. For Dummies Books!!

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It is time for the showdown. It seems that there is a "guidebook" for every interest, hobby and field of learning. The 2 biggest, of course, are The Complete Idiot's Guide and For Dummies series. So, I decided to investigate a book from each of these series on the same subject, and settle once and for all which one was best! (For me at least :) I chose to read the books on Music Theory. Here are the two books I received; The Music Theory Complete Idiot's Guide and the Music Theory For Dummies book.

My sister is really interested in music so I gave these to her to read. She really enjoyed them both but she said the Idiot's Guide was her favorite. Here is what she had to say about it.
H, take us away!

Thanks M! So glad to be guest posting here today! I have read books from both of these series before on Piano, HTML and various other topics. However, I have noticed a trend that was verified as I perused each of these Music Theory books for the purpose of picking the best. While each book does give extremely helpful information, I much prefer the style and format of The Complete Idiot's Guide. Much of the information covered is the same, but the CIG books seem to do it in a more interesting way. It will hold your attention better, and actually keeps you wanting to read more. The CIG to Music Theory was very helpful as I am attempting to learn piano, and improve my overall music skills. Sight reading music is easier now, thanks to CIG. This book covers many aspects of music theory, from the basics of pitches, clefs and scales to more advanced chord substitutions, transposing and special notations. There is even a chapter about composing and arranging music which was very interesting, although I don't see myself writing music anytime soon :) I also really enjoyed the included cd that is a huge help in ear training! Although I can play some instruments by ear, this was a great way to improve that skill. Pitches, intervals, scales, rhythm, melody, chords...all of these and more are covered on the cd. So, after completing both the CIG and Dummies books, I am now officially a fan of the Complete Idiot's Guide series!

Thanks for your input, H!


(It also came with a Ear Training Course on CD!)

And here is a picture of the For Dummies book...


(It also comes with a CD.)

Well, you saw what my sister thinks is best! And I have some good news for my readers! I have a coupon code for 50% off of one order of regularly priced books from www.idiotsguides.com. The discount is effective immediately and runs through October 31. The code is : CIGBlog11.

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