Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Plumbing Repair


It is a really nice day today.  Yesterday was really rainy so we didn't get to play our daily Volley Ball!  I have a new subject for us all to investigate!  It is...

We are having more plumbing problems.   It's not our Sink this time it's our Bathtub!  It's not draining properly.  Probably because my little sister bathes almost every day for about an hour (Just Kidding!:).  Just a couple of days ago after my sister bathed (I told you it was her!:) she pulled the plug but the water wouldn't drain!  We let it sit for a while hoping it would go down, but it didn't.  Whenever anybody showers it fills up and won't drain until my brother puts something down it and then it starts slowly draining.  It is really irritating when you are showering and the tub starts filling up with soapy water.  Or when we are trying to get showers done and you have to wait for half an hour between each shower. It is probably because there are 5 girls in the family all with long hair.  Talk about drain problems!  Right now they are trying to fix it, but if not I guess we should call in a plumber.

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