Monday, December 5, 2011

Ceiva just started their Holiday Sale!

Guess what? Remember when I did the review of the Ceiva Photo Frame? It is really neat! They have a sale going on right now. Check it out below!

Here is a little bit about the Ceiva Photo Frame :
"CEIVA frames are the only picture frames that update automatically through a phone line or WIFI connection each night. So instead of having to sneak your way down a chimney in the wee hours of the night in an attempt to bring some happiness to your loved ones, CEIVA frames do all the work for you. When your photos appear in your family's living room, there's only one word for it: “Magical.” With CEIVA's practical PicturePlan® Photo Delivery Service, your circle of family and friends can enjoy an endless automatic display of photos sent from everyone, from anywhere — even from a camera phone, email, your Facebook and more. You'll receive an unlimited photo storage account at, photo customization tools, and the ability to send photos and written greetings — straight to your community of CEIVA frames—– all year long. With the PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty, your CEIVA will always be replaced or fixed for free for as long as you have the service. Everyone can connect by either Wi-Fi, Ethernet or telephone line (for those without computers — like grandpa!). Members can also invite anyone else to create a free photo storage account at and send photos — even if they do not own a frame.

These frames are really really neat! I use mine all the time! I sent invites to friends and they also send pictures to it! This would be a great gift for someone. One that would be well used! And right now would be a great time to purchase one because "CEIVA frames are on sale beginning today! You can get a CEIVA with a one-year photo sharing service for under $100. And more good news…CEIVA now offers the Foodista Channel with every service subscription."

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