Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Buying Gift Cards For the Holidays are Better than Actual Products

Here are a few points I have on why it is not only better but also easier to buy gift cards for your friends , neighbors, or family for the holidays.
#1. The first reason I would say to buy gift cards for the holidays is that instead of just buying something you have no clue if the person your buying for will even like. People tend to see these as more useful than a product they'll throw out next year never even remembering where they got it from.
#2. My second point would be that this way you can pick out their favorite restaurant, favorite store or just a visa gift card. Friends and family usually can put these to more use than a toy, book, or some cool, new gadget you saw on television.
#3. I also think gift cards are better because normally they are more appreciated than a gift that looks like no thought was even put into getting.
#4. My last reason for getting a gift card instead of a gift would be that it is such a time saver, and you don't have to go through all the hassle of rushing to get a gift before someone else does, or standing in line at 2:00 in the morning hoping you got up early enough to get the product you want.

Some of the favorite places I would like to get a Gift Card to.
#1. The first place I would absolutely love to get a gift card from would be Kohl's. I love shopping there because they have reasonable prices along with quality clothing.
#2. The next place I'd like to get a gift card to would be either Red Robin (an excellent burger place) or Starbucks ( I love the Caramel Frappe's)
#3. My next place would probably be an electronic store like Apple, Best Buy, iTunes etc. As I love playing with electronics.

Unique Ways to give Gift Cards as Gifts
Here are just a few unique ways I have either received or given a card, and a few ways I think would just be cool to do.
#1. The first way I would give a gift card would be to get a nice card with a cute saying on it, or just add my own, and stick it with the gift card in an envelope. Also the way I received my last gift card which lucky for me was to Kohl's.
#2. One way I think would be cool to receive a gift card would be to have it put in something you can get at the store or restaurant it is for. Say it's for a restaurant perhaps give it in a shirt from the restaurant, or if it's for a store buy something small from them and put it in that.

I hope this can be of help to some of you that read my blog. If it is feel free to either comment saying so, or just leave some helpful tips of your own.

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