Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abundant Harvest Kids Board Game Review and Giveaway

Abundant Harvest for Kids is a great teaching and learning tool for both parents and children.
The concept is the same as the adult version only in this one they use problems that may arise for a child or kid while in school, with friends, or on a day to day basis.
Some of the scenarios used in this game are "A new family just moved in across the street from your home. While you are outside playing, you notice that they have kids your age who are helping their parents unload some boxes." "You have an opportunity to get "extra credit" in English class if you write a book report on a famous local person. Most of your friends are not going to write the report for "extra credit" because they don't care too much about getting a better grade in the class. Your mother asks whether you are going to write the report?"
This is a great tool for a parent to use to discuss problems that may arise with their child. Issues that today are not talked about or punished as they should be. Issues like lying, cheating, disobedience, peer pressure etc.

One of My Readers Will Receive Their Own Abundant Harvest Game.
The first person to read this review and go to the Abundant Harvest Contact Page and contact them saying that they came from my blog will win 1 Abundant Harvest Game.
Please leave a comment here after going to their website so I know it is over.

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