Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Florida Orange Juice

I don't know how many of you like to read but I love reading. Especially when the book is about a businessman, make him a Christian and I love it. Anthony T. Rossi founder of Tropicana was both and his biography is one of the most unique stories I have ever read.
Now Tropicana has a sweepstakes going on on their Facebook Page and I'm able to blog about. You can enter on their Facebook page and there are 100 Florida Prizes including a one year supply of Tropicana Orange Juice. How cool is that. 99 people will be selected to win 12 coupons for 59 oz Tropicana Pure Premium containers. And 1 person will be selected to win a trip to a Florida Orange Grove and will be allowed to bring 3 people with them. It will include a round trip airfare for four people to Florida, a three night stay at a Florida hotel. For more info visit Tropicana. I personally have done this and it is quick and easy.
Tropicana as I said before was start
ed by Anthony T. Rossi and it is currently the largest single buyer of Florida fruit. They purchase roughly 11.6 Billion Oranges a year. That's huge! They also use Groves in 22 different counties in Florida mainly the central and south part of Florida. And best of all Tropicana is 100% PURE Florida Orange Juice, I don't know about you but nothing can even come close to Pure orange juice. Every other type just doesn't taste the same.
I was recently able to spend almost a month down in Florida with my family and let me tell you it was fun. We went to Tampa, and Orlando, Panama City, and many other pla
ces. We got to visit friends we haven't seen in about a year and we also went to alot of interesting attractions. Some of us went to the Tampa Zoo, Lego Land, Medieval Times, The Museum of Science and Industry. Here we were able to go on a flight of stairs that eventually turned into bars up probably 50-75 feet up into the air yes we were strapped in but this was an interesting and exciting attraction. Thankfully Florida also has Chick Fil A which sells non-other than Tropicana Orange Juice. I had it for breakfast alot and boy was it good. While in Tampa we were also able to see the Tropicana Field. My mom made sure to get some pictures.
If all of my readers could please go and like the
Tropicana page both I and Tropicana would love it.
All in all my trip was an enjoyable one with lots of nice weather we even got to go camping some. The one thing I missed though was going to one of the Tropicana Orange Groves. Next time I'm down there I will be sure to stop by one and take a tour and maybe even get some Tropicana Pure Orange Juice.

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