Tuesday, June 12, 2012

French's Mustard Review

I was recently asked to investigate French's Mustard. I personally don't care for mustard but several members of my family can't have a sandwich without it. They all said that French's was the best brand out there, they have tried several others but none taste like French's Mustard.
What the company says about the Mustard- "French's® is the perfect, all-natural way to add zing to tried-and-true family favorites. No matter what the occasion—cookouts, picnics, family gatherings— French's® Mustard brightens the moment with every bite.
Since its introduction at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, French's® Mustard has been enhancing the flavor of classic American meals for generations.
Available in Classic Yellow®, Spicy Brown, Honey Mustard, Honey Dijon, and Horseradish Mustard flavors."

The Spicy Brown Mustard- Need a spicier, heartier mustard? Try French's® Spicy Brown. Made with the finest brown seeds, French's® Spicy Brown adds a thick, rich flavor to sandwiches such as corned beef on rye or turkey and cheese on whole wheat. Skip the trip downtown and make a full-blooded deli sandwich right in your kitchen: all it takes is a generous squeeze of French's® Spicy Brown." This is my dad's personal favorite.
A little bit about the company and it's  beginning. French's was started in 1904 when Francis and George French decided that America needed a new Mustard. They worked and worked and debuted it at the World Fair, and it was a huge success. From there it just grew from word of mouth as back then there wasn't much advertising. But in 1926 in a national advertisement campaign sales jumped to $5.3 million, more than doubling previous sales. The rest is history, it was sold a few times to different owners but French's Mustard has stayed the same all along.

Here are some links to different extras that French's Mustard has on their site.
Recipes- http://www.frenchs.com/recipes/. Come here for great recipes all to do with French's Mustard.
Their home page- http://www.frenchs.com/. From here you can also sign up and get some free coupons.
Their Mustard page http://www.frenchs.com/products/mustard where you can order and find out about different types of Mustard they have.

 So after all the investigating was finished it looks like French's Mustard checks out to be not only okay but Excellent when it comes to business and Mustard making.

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