Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ChiTAG! Free Family Weekend Pass!

Hello Agents!

How many of you have ever been to Chicago?  Have any of you ever visited ChiTAG?  I have!  My family has attended the past two years!

ChiTAG was founded in 2003 by Mary Couzin.  It is the largest toy and game fair in the US!  It runs Sat. Nov. 17th and Sun. Nov. 18th at the Navy Pier Festival Hall in Chicago.

ChiTAG is a lot of fun for the whole family!  Everyone has games/toys set up, and they will show you how to play them.  Last year at Legos' booth they had A LOT of legos dumped all over the floor (on a carpet!) so that you could build with them!  They also had a couple of their people ready to play with the kids.  My little sister really enjoyed that.  We are planning to meet some friends in Chicago this year, and attend together.  I am sure their children will love it!

They have several fun things planned for the day and one of them is... "Encourage Young Inventors with Simple Prototyping Supplies - Encouraging children to design their own board games and card games fosters imagination, creativity and and develops problem solving skills and resourcefulness. Once they have a solid idea for a game in terms of mechanics, a good working prototype makes the whole experience more memorable and fun. Creating a prototype that is functional and beautiful doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Simple craft supplies, found items, and repurposed materials can make a child's ideas come to life. These practical ideas equip children to make their own customized game components with relative ease."  The 6th Annual Young Inventor Challenge will be happening Saturday, November 17, 2012 at Chicago's Navy Pier. You can click here to view the rules and requirements for this competition.

ChiTAG has offered to send one of my Agents a Free Weekend Family Pass!  If you don't win this week, come back and try again next week!

 NOTICE : You must be able to attend Nov.17th/Nov.18th at the Navy Pier in Chicago.

This giveaway will end on Sat. Nov. 13th. 2012.

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