Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hello Agents!

Thank you everyone for giving me some name ideas for my new Sheltie puppy.  They were alot of good names in there, but we finally made a choice.  We decided on...

Princess Pansy!

Isn't she adorable?!?  She is nine months old, and is already housetrained, she will sit, lay, and come on command, and we almost never use the leash.  She is trained to stay away from the road, and close to us.

 Above : here is an example of when we tell her to sit.  She will also do it by the hand signal.

Pansy loves to run around in the backyard and play with the other dogs.  She has alot of fun just running around.  Whether it is chasing one of the other dogs, playing around with my little sister, or just running by herself.

She is already used to her new name, and whenever you say it her ear's prick up and she watches you intently.  Pansy also gets along really well with our cat.  The other dogs are scared of the cat, but Pansy just sits there and plays with her!

Pansy is really sweet.  She follows me wherever I go!  Cleaning, reading, working on PI of Products, etc. she is always right there.  As I am typing this she is laying by my feet.  This morning I was doing some work in the driveway and I left her in the house.  When I came back she was still sitting at the front door.  She had been laying there the entire time and whining!  :D

Okay Agents!  I introduced you to Princess Pansy, and we will be starting the reviews.  We have alot of neat and fun products that we will be sharing with you here so keep an eye out!  

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