Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Investigating Princess Pansy

Hello Agents!

Some of you have asked for an update/more pictures of Princess Pansy - Princess Pansy is really enjoying everything.  She loves to run around and play with everyone.

We were raking up the leaves in the front yard the other day and we brought her out with us.  She LOVED it!  She would chase the rake around the yard (as we were trying to rake:) and then when we stopped moving it she would grab the leaves off the rake.  It was so funny to watch!

She is really sweet.  She follows me everywhere - and starts whining when I leave.  Pansy really enjoys sitting in our laps and if she wants in my lap, but I am busy - she will put her front paws on the side of my chair and start whining.  She is so funny!

Well, there is the latest on Princess Pansy.  Keep checking back for more updates and pictures! :D

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