Friday, November 2, 2012

Luv & Emma! Review/Giveaway

Hello Agents!

How is everyone?  We are all doing great (Princess Pansy included)! It has been getting pretty chilly here recently.   It has even frozen the water in the dogs water buckets!

I received a Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel.  This is a really neat product and something that every dog owner should have.  It works really well!

We bathed Pansy in the bathtub the other day (it is too cold outside now!:) and we pulled out our new Dry Pets Towel!  This worked really well.  The only thing we noticed is that by the time we were done drying off one dog, the towel was soaked.  But, it looks like that will be fixed!  Coming out later this month is a Larger size Dry Pets Towel with a slit on each end to hang on ANY door handle!

It was really convenient to be able to hang the towel on the door knob and just grab it once we were done and needed it!  It also looks really nice - the brown/tan colors with the paw prints.  So cute.  Instead of just using a bath towel/old hand towel purchase a Dry Pets Towel!

Princess Pansy LOVES her Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel!

One of my Agents will receive their own Luv & Emma♥s Dry Pets Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel!  WOW!  

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Jenna Wood said...

Nora- Morkie

debbie said...

blue- australian shepard
kai- belguim malinois

Darlene said...

i have 2 black labs - Harley and Lady.

Hannah Chase said...

Her name is Lulu, she's a chihuahua/dachshund mix.

Donna George said...

I have a mini chihuahua

Robyn-coolestmommy R said...

Lovey is a greyhound/dauschund mix and Gretchen is a Scottie. Both are rescued dogs who needed a new and better home.

Mike Davis said...

Had to really laugh here-- the boss--He's a Chaweiner--MR. GIZMO--We just lost out Shelty--Mr. Stud-- so loveable--and a friend to all--Then We have two recue furbabies--sort to say-- Precious--She is snooty--with a slight attitude and a big flirt--Shes a red nosr-- Then the biggest-- He's a blue razor back--That is Mr. Hannibul--He is slightly retarded-- as I said he was a recue pup--almost dead when we got him-- at 83lbs. he still thinks he's a lap dog--lol just a kid at heart/

Myrna said...

Actually I don't have a dog, but would like to win this as a gift for a friend. Your dog is really pretty.

Samantha D. said...

Teddy- Shepard, Chow, Collie mix
Daisy- Amstaff terrier mix