Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't Forget your iPhone Charger!

Hello Agents!

How many of you travel pretty often?  My family travels... A LOT!  A couple of the biggest things for our family while traveling are...

1.  Keeping our electronics charged while traveling.  With about six iPods, one iPad, one MacBook, several Cameras/Camcorders, five cell phones, and several laptops this is a pretty big deal.  Especially with our cell phones (our only way of contacting family members when we separate in a store/amusement park/etc.).  So that means we need chargers for phones/iPods/computers/etc.  Of course if my brother decides to purchase an iPhone he will also need an iPhone Charger!  My dad is actually the worst person about leaving his charger or cord, borrows yours, and then doesn't remember where he left it.

2.   A toothbrush!  Remember I mentioned last week that we always had to remind them to bring their toothbrushes?  Guess what - we arrived at the hotel tonight and my little sister came out and announced that she had forgotten her toothbrush!

3.   Pillows!  I don't know how many times after being in the vehicle all day, or leaving early in the morning the same person that was fussing about you bringing a pillow at the start of the trip, turns around and asks you if they can borrow your pillow!

We left at five o'clock this morning (I was actually up at three thirty this morning to shower:) to take our yearly (we always go for February) trip to visit all of our Southern friends (most of which are in Florida/Alabama).  This was a long day of traveling (we were in the vehicle for about twelve hours today), so it was nice to get into the hotel and relax!  We bought some Ice Cream (come on - who doesn't like ice cream?!? :), Milk (with chocolate syrup for chocolate milk :), and pulled out some popcorn.

What problems does your family run into while traveling?  Do you have anyone in your family that leaves their toothbrush, pillow, chargers, or any other important items?  What do you do to try and make sure they bring the important articles?  Leave a comment and let us know!

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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