Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do You Use Internet Marketing?

Hello Everyone!

How are all my Agents today?  It has been really warm here in sunny Florida!  How is the weather for ya'll?  We went bowling with some friends the other night.  They had a special going on where it was a quarter a game, and fifty cents for shoe rentals.  We had several families meet us there, and for everyone to play a game (with shoe rentals), it was only six dollars!  Amazing!  It was the first time in about six or seven years that our family has bowled.  It was a lot of fun (especially since a several of us got a couple of strikes :).

How many of my Agents own a business?  Have you ever used internet marketing?  I think internet marketing is great.  It gets your company out there and all people have to do is click through a link!

In 2013 I am planning on making PI of Products even better (and bigger in certain ways).  Do you have any ideas of things to change, add, or remove to make PI of Products better?  I will be starting to post recipes (my sister is actually going to share one on here soon of a dinner she made for the family recently).  I have also thought about joining in on a blog hop/linky type of thing.  What do you think?  How about the blog background and header design?  Do you think it looks fine, should I design a new one (I design them all myself), should I change things around a little, etc.?  What about my sidebar?  Is it to crowded, is there something you think needs removed, should I change it so that there is a sidebar on each side of the blog, etc.? Is there another page you think I should start?  Do you think I should start sharing some photos of my family and what we have been doing recently?

Okay, if you have any advice for PI of Products, please leave a comment below (or you can email me at piofproducts(at) and let me know!  I will be glad to listen to any suggestions.

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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