Thursday, February 7, 2013

Have You Replaced Your Water Heater?

Hello Agents!

Back again! Tomorrow morning my dad is going to take my mom, my sister, my brother, and I to go bowling! The local bowling center has a special going on right now - "all you can bowl" for ten dollars (you can bowl as many games as you want!). My dad took my brother early this morning and he played eight games! It was funny looking at the scores - you could tell that he was getting better, but than his score went down a little. It turns out he was just trying some different ways of putting a spin to it instead of just trying to knock them down. This will be a good time to practice bowling, and my mom will be giving us some tips (she is really good at bowling, but hasn't played recently because it wouldn't be good for her back)!

Have any of ya'll been replacing your water heater? Traveling recently has reminded me of when we always used to take our travel trailer with us when we were traveling. With eight people in the family we either had to really organize who showered when, or else some of us would have to shower cold! Not nice! Sometimes we would actually heat up some water and then go add that (if someone was bathing).  We also had to do meals in sections, or have people sitting all around the trailer (when it was raining - when it wasn't we would sit up a table outside and all sit there) - some would be at the table (there was room for four people), some would set up tray tables, some on the floor, some would pull in a chair, etc.  For family devotions we usually all tried to squeeze into dad and mom's room. Several on the bed, a couple standing at the end, etc.

Anyway - everyone is getting a little old to all be squished into a travel trailer now (the youngest is twelve), but we are looking for a small travel trailer for when just a couple of us take trips, or in good weather we could always bring along a tent for the boys.

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Robyn-coolestmommy R said...

The last water heater we replaced was because it dumped all the water all over the floor. Yuck!! I don't think of them until something goes wrong, but it's good to keep an eye on them as they age.

cstironkat said...

My husband replaced the water heater last year after it quit working. I'm lucky he is a plumber and could do it himself.

slehan said...

My house was built in 1973, I moved in in 1982. I had to replace the water heater 6 years ago when the bottom rusted out. Luckily I was home when it went out.