Friday, February 15, 2013

Have You Visited Your Local Rotorooter?

Hello Agents!

How is everyone today?  We are all doing great!  This trip to Florida has been a lot of fun, and everyone in the family is enjoying it.

Have any of you (my agents) visited their local rotorooter?  I have never visited my local one, but I may in the future.

On Monday morning four of us visited an amusement park.  It was a lot of fun (we rode the one roller coaster four times, and the other roller coaster about seven times).  My little sister especially enjoyed the roller coasters, but there was also a water ride she really liked.

On Tuesday (three days ago) my two older sisters went to the local aquarium.  They were able to pet a dolphin, a stingray, etc. and she said the whole thing was awesome!  They would come up to them and lay on the side of their area so that everyone could pet them.  Really neat!  They also had a couple of roller coasters that my two sisters really enjoyed.

And then on Friday (yesterday), all seven of us went to another local amusement park.  It had several roller coasters, and soooooo many different fun rides, tours, shows, etc.  The first roller coaster we rode two - three times, but the second roller coaster we rode about four - five times!  :)  The last time we rode the second roller coaster they started setting off these awesome fireworks (it was already dark).  It looked really neat from the roller coaster (it was made to look like you were in a canyon) and having the fireworks go off in the sky.  My little sister (M.) really enjoyed the teacups.  We rode that three times (I think) for her, and she had a lot of fun trying to make it spin faster and faster and faster!

Today we will be hanging out at our hotel, we will be going biking, go out on the lake, etc. (the hotel that we are staying at has bicycles that you can use, boats that you can take out on their lake, etc.).  Really neat!  I will have to post some pictures later.

What does your family do for vacation?  Do you visit amusement parks as part of your vacation?  Leave a comment and let us know!

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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