Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hello Agents!

I just wanted to let you all know that this week (until July 9th)  "participating stores are offering 50 percent off one Handmade Pan Pizza at menu price when ordered online using promo code P6A3N (delivery is ok, but orders will have to meet minimum delivery amount)."

They also came out with a new App for Windows phone 8... This looks like it would be great for our family!  Here is a little bit of information from the press release - "This newest mobile offering gives Domino’s an app presence on nearly 95 percent of the smartphones sold in the U.S., and offers a few features that are exclusive to Windows Phone.   In a first for a Domino’s mobile app, the Windows Phone release adds voice capabilities. From the “Menu” section of the app, users can choose to order by voice, telling the app the item they’d like to order, for example, “medium, pepperoni Handmade Pan Pizza.”   The app also takes advantage of the unique Windows Phone operating system by allowing customers to pin their current order directly to their Start screen. This will allow direct access to track an order using Domino’s Tracker®, the company’s innovative and industry-exclusive digital order tracker.   And, like its current iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire apps, users will find access to Domino’s full national menu, coupon search, and location-based store locator."

Isn't that neat!  So, 1.  If you have a Windows Phone 8 go download the new app, and 2.  Go order some pizza with your new app!

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