Monday, November 25, 2013

November Photo Challenge - 11/23/13

Hello Agents!

November Photo Challenge - Nov. 23rd 2013

Kindness - while away on our trip my parents bought me a piece of Portillo's Chocolate Cake and a Rose!  Isn't that nice?  What is some kindness that you have done/seen in the past couple of days?

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Tammy Woodall said...

An act of kindness that was very touching - was a friend of our family (who is elderly and not healthy) - still she contacted DFAS and asked them to give her information on a family in need. (Just their first names and ages). She then went out shopping for the family and gave the gifts to the DFAS representative and asked her to give the gifts to the family and just say it was from Santa's Helper. The only reason I know of this - is my Mother drove our friend to do the shopping.