Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Photo Challenge - 11/6/13

Hello Agents!

This is pretty late tonight, because we have been running all day!  We left early this morning because we had to drop my brother off as we left.  We arrived at our destination at about eleven o'clock and ran to one of the bookstore outlets.  After that we went and had lunch.  Then we went to the hotel, checked/responded to emails, went swimming with my little sis for about twenty-five minutes, and then got ready to leave.  We ran to another bookstore about forty-five minutes away, grabbed dinner, and just got back!  So yes, we have been pretty busy!  :)  Here is the photo for today!

November Photo Challenge - Nov. 6th 2013
Something New

I bought a couple of martial arts/self defense books!  I have looked at different ones before, but I found two really nice ones today for a couple of dollars apiece!  I also purchased something special to go in our Surprise Gift Box, so make sure you check back tomorrow. 

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