Tuesday, December 3, 2013

eMeals - Online Meal Planning Solution!

Hello Agents!

How many times have you wished there was a way to purchase everything you needed for your family's meal in one shopping trip?  Now you can!  Today we will be investigating...

I received a one-year membership to eMeals. I chose the family plan (4+) and the Slow Cooker Classic Plan.  Oh! For those of you that are interested I was given a coupon code for my agents to try out eMeals for themselves!  The coupon code is : Cyber35 and is good for 35% off!  Also, if you do sign up for eMeals you will have all the meal plans for those busy days during the holidays, so head on over to the eMeals website and sign up now.

Every week eMeals will send you  a grocery list and your meal plan for the week.  eMeals is designed so that there is no wasted food at the end of the week.  You know, when you make too much food, you don't use the leftovers, and then at the end of the week you have to toss out several meals' leftovers?  I know this has happened in our family.  One of our favorite recipes was the Ham and Broccoli Bake!  

The Ham and Broccoli Bake was VERY easy to make!  After preheating the oven, you cook the pasta as usual (we exchanged elbow macaroni instead of the wagon wheel pasta).  Then you combine the hot pasta, the Broccoli, and the ham in a large bowl. 

After you add in the mozzarella cheese and the Parmesan cheese (we used grated instead of shredded), you stir it in.  Okay, doesn't that look good?!?  

Spread it into a lightly greased pan...

Bake it for 20-30 minutes... and you're done!  Enjoy your Ham and Broccoli Bake (with lots of cheese!)!

Okay, this was REALLY (really, really, really,...) good!  The ham and broccoli with all of the cheese made for a really great meal.  One of my older sisters was putting some in a bowl and then putting some potato soup over the top.  Look at that cheese...

eMeals helps consumers save an average of $1,000 a year (because of the no wasting and coordinated sales at your local grocery store).  All ingredients needed will be in other recipes, so you don't buy something and only use a little!  There are a couple of choices when signing up for eMeals.  You can choose either for 2 people, or for a family (4+), and you can choose your food style... some of which are : low carb, clean eating, portion control, classic, vegetarian, and so may more!

This is a sponsored post through Markerly.com.  I did receive monetary compensation, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.  

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A. Smith said...

Gosh what a great idea! It seems that 24hrs in a day just doesn't cut it sometimes so this would make like so much easier!