Tuesday, December 31, 2013

News, Updates, and Thank You!!

Hello Agents,

I just wanted to let ya'll know that overnight PI of Products will be getting a new look!  I designed a new background and header, and I will change PI of Products over tonight.  I think it looks really nice (of course I would think that since I designed it :).

During the month of January I want to focus on different games, activities, and things to do during the winter months (inside and outside!).  I have lots of great games all ready from our visit the ChiTAG in November that I am really excited to be sharing with ya'll.

Another thing I will do during the month of January is another Surprise Gift Box giveaway.  Several of you requested a spa/relaxation basket for moms, so that is what I will focus on.  I already have several products, and will be purchasing more during the month.

I have a couple of questions for my agents.

  1. Do you think I should do another month of photos?  Some of you seemed to enjoy it, while others thought that made too many photos on PI of Products.
  2. Do you think I should continue Mystery Mondays (my giveaway linky!)?  I enjoy seeing others' giveaways, and I think it gives my agents easier access.  What do you think?
  3. Do you enjoy recipes?  Do you think I should post some (maybe a couple times a month, or once a week, etc., or is that too much?  
  4. Okay, if you have any other feedback for me (ANYTHING - if there is something that needs fixed, something you would like to see on PI of Products, or something that needs changed, etc.), please leave a comment or fill out my Feedback Contact Form.
Okay, PLEASE leave a comment and let us know your opinion!  It helps make PI of Products even better and easier for my agents.  I also wanted to say...

Thank you to all of my Agents!

You have helped make PI of Products what it is, and I have LOVED getting to know some of you.  So, thank you for everything, and please stick around and see what comes in 2014!


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Hope said...

I love the new look-so classy and fun!