Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jones Natural Chews! #Petacular

Hello Agents!

Today we get to tell you a bit about Jones Natural Chews for your dog.  We received some of their Beefly Links for review.  The dogs LOVE them.  Pansy devoured hers.   They actually look like long, slender sausages all hooked together.  I gave Pansy the first one and Glory and Jubilee soon circled around for some.  Each of them chose a spot and laid down to enjoy their Jones Natural Chews.

From Jones Natural Chews:
Six generations of expertise in the meat industry have proven to be a valuable asset to Jones Natural Chews. The Jones family takes pride in the consistency and quality of their natural, healthy dog treats and chews made from animal products supplied by USDA inspected plants within the USA. Over the years, Jones Natural Chews has carefully developed several types and sizes of chews and treats for all size dogs and all types of chewers. All products are developed with careful testing for moisture levels, bacteria control, and maximum shelf life. Of course, the true product testers consist of several different dogs ranging in size from three pounds to two hundred fifty pounds. Lots of thanks and love to our current testers: Onyx, Sophia, Grizzly, Jake, Harley, Sampson, Tana, Sam, Rupert, Tucker, Ozzy and Maria.

I would have to say our testers, Pansy, Jubilee and Glory would agree that the Beefly Links are tasty!  Take a minute to enjoy the pictures of our testers enjoying their chews!

We also received some of their Wuv You Treats.  Inside of the canister are two different treats.  The first is the Tender Taffy Chicken Blend and the second is Big Paw Jerky.  These are a much softer treat.  Glory will eat anything, so I was not very surprised she gobbled hers down.  But, Pansy on the other hand is much daintier.  She takes tiny bites, I will say though that she may eat a bit slower, but she does NOT like sharing!

All Jones chews and treats are made in the USA from start to finish.  They even have an American flag on all their products, which I think is pretty neat!

A little bit of advice from Jones Natural Chews:
Choose a bone that is the right density and size for your dog. The bone should be larger than your dog's mouth. Pork bones and lamb bones are soft bones and are only for smaller, light chewers. Beef bones are good for most chewers. Beef shank and knee caps are the hardest bones for aggressive chewers.
If large slivers or pieces are breaking off, take it away and try another type. Bones are not intended to be ingested, but chewed and gnawed on. Knuckles will be consumed and will leave a hard bone piece to gnaw.

Jones Natural Chews does not sell directly to the consumer, but they do have a list of retail stores, state by state, where you will be able to purchase their chews and treats.

Do you have a dog that would like Jones Natural Chews?  Check out their website for more information.  Thank you for stopping by today and be sure to come back soon to help investigate the next product!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website and/or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Flea said...

Hey! Very cool review!!! Thanks for the heads up on the Wuv Yous! Looks like your fur babies enjoyed them. :)