Monday, February 17, 2014

Snuggle Puppy Review/Giveaway #Petacular

Hey Agents!  Hope from Hope's Cafe has today's post. This is a really neat product that is perfect for any dog/cat owner. I'm thinking we might get one of these for Pansy and see of it helps when I'm gone. When I leave she barks and scratches at the door and sits there until I return home. We'll, let's get started!

Okay, I have to admit-this is probably the cutest pet product I have ever seen, and definitely one of my favorites in the Petacular event! Have you ever heard of SnugglePuppies? Think a stuffed animal-with a heartbeat and warming pack inside-for your puppy. This is perfect for so many scenarios other than a new puppy away from it's mother! Yes, that is the first thought I had. After all, how many times have you brought a new puppy home and it spends the first couple weeks crying and whining at night? I imagine a Snuggle Puppy would stop that right away! But think about other reasons-maybe your dog has separation anxiety, and goes crazy when you leave the house for any reason. Maybe she hates car rides, thunderstorms, or any number of other occurrences. Whatever the case, if your dog (or cat-they have Snuggle Kittens too) suffers from fear or anxiety, a Snuggle Puppy just might be what you need.

I received the Brown Mutt Snuggle Puppy for review. This comes with a cute, medium-sized brown puppy, a "heart", single-use instant heat pack, and a small bag to use for rice or beans, whatever you choose to use as a heat pack afterwards. The puppy is very soft, and very cute. Just look at that happy smile!

The puppy's "stomach" has a velcro-secured pouch, where you place the heart and heat pack. (It is also mentioned that you can secure a bottle inside with just the nipple sticking out, if you have to bottle feed a puppy). The heart is battery powered (3 AAA batteries included) and when turned on, emits a steady, rhythmic heartbeat-just like a momma dog, or a puppy's littermates would. Of course, adding the heat pack inside adds warmth, so when your dog cuddles up with the Snuggle Puppy, it feels like another dog! Seriously an ingenious idea. 

We tried the Snuggle Puppy out with one of our adult Shelties first. As you can see from the pictures, she quickly went from "What on earth is this?" to, "Let's snuggle together!". 

We also have a litter of Sheltie pups right now-just about a week old-and the Snuggle Puppy is great to keep the puppies quiet and happy while Momma is outside!

SnugglePuppies has many other wonderful products for dogs and cats, from toys to harnesses, and blankets and beds. I LOVE the Momma Warming Bed they have! Be sure to check out all their great products at SnugglePetProducts.

One of our readers will receive a Brown Mutt Snuggle Puppy!!

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Joni Caraway said...

I love the 4-in-1 Harness

Vlad Barkly said...

I love toys like these roped ones. They're so much easier to lightly toss inside the house instead of throwing something and risking a bounce-break of something.

Shelly Leatham said...

SnugglePuppie 4-in-1 Harness-Medium would be great for our furbaby!

DH Jax said...

I also really love the mama warming bed. This snuggle puppy would be great to have. I have several Shelties would would absolutely love to snuggle with it as they like laying on hubby's heating pad....and this would be amazing to have if/when I have more puppies! Thanks for the chance to win