Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ceivia Photo Frame Review

I went over to a friends house. She had a lovely picture frame that had a lot of great pictures of her family and friends. She said she did not even have to put them on. Her family and friends sent them right to the frame! I asked her where she got it...

Ceivia sent me the Pro 8O Photo Frame. This is really nice. You can invite other people by their email address and they can send pictures to it. And when you send pictures to the frame you can customize them. Add borders, word bubbles, bubbles, stickers, cut-outs, etc. This is really fun.

Here are some pictures of mine...

(The top of the box.)

(Still inside the box.)

(Looks nice!)

(The black and silver frame)

(All of the cords etc.)

This is the best photo frame I have had. There is a downloader on Ceivia to put pictures to your frame. You can customize your photos with borders etc. Here are some of them I made...

(He kept falling and rolling on purpose.)

(You can add ears, eyes, tongue, etc.)

Ceivia works great! This would be a great gift for anybody that has relatives they do not see regularly. You can even connect your frame to Facebook and choose pictures off Facebook to put on your Frame! It will send it right to your frame!

You can buy this Pro 8O with a one year plan for only $119.95 here!

Disclosure : I received no monetary compensation for
this review. I did receive product for review purposes.
All quotes are from Ceivia. All thoughts and
opinions are mine.

Ceivia is a #1 company!


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