Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Feet Review

After a long day of investigating I am pretty tired. I usually wrap a blanket around me, sit and play some games with the family, and then after a while go to bed. My feet often ache from all the running around I do while investigating. This was one investigation I would not get tired feet from...

Happy Feet let me choose a pair of slippers to review. I chose the Kangaroo.

What I think :

1. These are adorable

2. They are so soft!

3. You feel like you are walking on pillows!

That is just a few of the things I like best.

There is even a little Baby Kangaroo in the Pouch! I know... you all want to see the pictures. Here they are...

(Look at those!)

(And here is from the front.)

Here is a little bit about Happy Feet :

Thank you for visiting We are located in Louisville, Kentucky, which is the 16th largest city in the US. We at Happy Feet take pride in providing the highest quality and most comfortable house slippers in the world.

Happy Feet was started in 1996 as a mall cart program that quickly expanded throughout the US, England, Canada and Spain. Our business philosophy is family oriented, which makes us different than many wholesalers and/or web vendors. We are very close to many of our operators and their families, and we take lots of pride in that.

Contained in this website you will find most any piece of information regarding Happy Feet. Whether you want to open a mall cart/kiosk, do a fundraising program for your school or organization, or just buy a pair for grandma for a gift, it is all here. The goal of this section is to inform you, our customers, and potential customers about who you are buying from. Throughout this page you will find information and photos of my family, which will open larger when you click upon the thumbnails to the right.

My name is Pat Yates, president and owner of Happy Feet. I have been in business for myself for many years and take pride in providing great products and services to my customers. My true passion, however, is my family and sports. I am an avid University of Louisville sports fan, especially basketball. When Rick Pitino came, I obviously became a more intense fan and look forward to many coming NCAA titles. I have also taken on the role of basketball coach at the high school my son€™s will be attending.

My wife Sandy, who some of you have spoken with, is active in the business when she is not chasing around and playing chauffer to our three boys. She loves to read and tries to play golf. She also loves basketball, cross country and is a big U of L basketball fan. She figures that if she wants to spend anytime with her family she has to love sports.

Nathan is the oldest. He was born in Columbus, Ohio. His favorite sports are basketball and cross country. His Favorite basketball player is Dwayne Wade. Nathan Is also a huge UofL fan. He also was a ball boy on the last game for Hall of Fame coach Denny Crum. He enjoys playing with his friends, and playing golf.

Jordan is the middle child. His favorite classes are Math and Science. His favorite NBA player is Dwayne Wade. He likes to play guitar, Basketball, run cross country, ride bikes, and swim with his friends. He also loves to attend U of L Basketball games.

That leaves us with the youngest Dylan. Our last effort to have a girl,which as you can see did not happen. Dylan also loves to play basketball and run cross country. He is wild, tough, and thinks that he can do what ever his brothers can do. Dylan is also a big U of L fan (big surprise)."

I LOVE my slippers. They are really great! You can but them for only $24.99 at

Disclosure : I received no monetary compensation for this review. I did receive product for review purposes. All quotes are from Happy Feet. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Happy Feet is a #1 Slipper company!


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