Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Animal Planet Wild Animal Playset Review

I did a review for Animal Planet's Remote Control Widow Spider here. (Go check it out! It is very nice!) I am now doing a review on their Wild Animal Playset! This looks really nice! Look at the picture...

This Wild Animal Playset includes an Action Figure, a Tent, a Boat, a Tree, and six different animals! This is a nice set. Here is a picture of the Animals, Tent, Boat, and Action Figure...

(Some of them in the box)

(All set up!)

There is also a little fact about Baby Elephants :
"At birth, baby elephants weigh 265 pounds and stand three feet tall. They are clumsy at first, but soon learn to balance on their own."

Interesting! Any kid would enjoy having this Playset. When my sister first saw it she was sooo excited! Before we even opened it my sister was talking about how great it would be for when she is in the Bathtub!

Disclosure : I received no monetary compensation
this review. I did receive product for
review purposes. All quotes are from Animal Planet.
All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Animal Planet
is a #1 company!


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