Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Animal Planet Wild Eyes Review

I have already received two Animal Planet items and here is a third. It is a Wild Eyes Rattlesnake! It has real life-like movements! It hisses, moves it's head, and it's eyes light up!
This snake is really nice! My brothers loved it. Here is a picture of our snake...

Here is a small video clip...

There is a little fact on the back of the box also :
"I did hatch from an egg but my mother did not lay it. I hatched inside of my mother and was born fully formed, ready to hunt and capable of defending myself. I have heat sensing pits on either side of my head between my nostrils and eyes and can detect temperatures down to a fracture of a degree."

(The Fact on the back of the box)

Disclosure : I received no monetary compensation
this review . I did receive product for
review purposes. All quotes are from Animal Planet.
All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Animal Planet is a #1 company!


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