Monday, September 26, 2011

Back in the States

The article written by Victor Flowers

I’ve spent the last four weeks in Uganda, as I am sure most of you know, and am SO glad to be back home. However, as I sat on that forever plane ride, my boss was leaving me a voicemail about a potential move across the country. Wouldn’t get that message for three days. Well, three days have passed and here I am. Not so potential anymore – looks like this girl is moving! I am so glad I got to squeeze my mission trip in, though, because I won’t be taking a vacationtime anytime soon. Where am I headed? The Lone Star State! Everything’s better in Texas, right? Or is it bigger? Whatever, I’m excited. Scared, but excited. So, I have two weeks to pack it all up, find a new place, research Texas electricity Providers to save some money, and call a few friends for advice on the best sushi restaurant in town. They have sushi there, right? I might need to do a little more research. So, who wants to come visit me first?

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