Monday, October 31, 2011

Miracle De-Shedder Review

I was online the other day and found a really neat product for all you pet owners out there. It is a De-Shedder that has a nozzle on one end that connects to the vaccum clean so that when you use it the vaccum will suck it right up! Wow! I knew it was something that I would love to review. Gues what? I am! Miracle Care sent me their Miracle De-Shedder. This is really nice!

Here is a little bit of information about it :
"What if there was a pet de-shedding tool that not only removed hair and dander but vacuumed it up neatly too? Now there is, the Miracle De-Shedder from Miracle Care. Besides having a uniquely angled blade to remove even the thickest hair without irritating sensitive skin, the ergonomic handle provides a secure, comfortable grip for effortless grooming that both parent and pet will appreciate. Plus, the Miracle De-Shedder's 1 1/4" tapered nozzle fits most standard vacuum cleaners. So when time is tight, pet parents can cut the clean up. Hair and dander go directly down the hose, leaving the surrounding area clean and mess-free -- ahem, hair-free!"

This works so good. You can use it hooked up to a vaccum or not. Both of them work. Using the vaccum cleaner it cleans it up for you or using it without the vacuum you clean it up.

Above - This is the Miracle De-Shedder.

Sounds great to me! I love mine. We have two dogs. The one dog whenever it sheds it is really bad! It is all over the place. The floor, our clothing, chairs, etc. You go to pet her and your hand comes up full of hair. So this was a great product for me. Here are some pictures of us using it on her...

Above - Hmmm... What is this?!

Above - Okay. It feels good so I guess for now it is fine.

This is a really great product. We love it!

Disclosure : I received no monetary compensation for
this review. I did receive product for review purposes.
All quotes are from Miracle Care.

All thoughts and opinions are mine.

The Miracle De-Shedder is a #1 product!


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