Friday, January 13, 2012

Healthy Snowmen To The Rescue!

Hello Agents!

How is everyone today? We actually have snow! It started snowing yesterday morning and it snowed all day yesterday, and even for a while this morning! My little sister kept begging me to go outside with her and sled down the hill, or have a snow ball fight, or make a snowman!

Speaking of snowmen... I have been out investigating looking for healthy but delicious treats. And I found some! This one is also cute. I found a really neat recipe for these healthy treats for kids (and adults!). They are little snowmen made out of bananas, grapes, carrots, apples, pretzel sticks and more! They are soo adorable... and healthy for you!

Another plus is that you can have lots of family fun making them. Plan a family night! Have some fun. You can start out by going outside and having a snowball fight, sledding down a hill, making snow angels, or other outside fun. Then come inside and have some hot chocolate and some of these healthy snowmen while drying off and getting warm. Play some board games together, read a good book aloud, etc. I know everyone will want the recipe for these so here it is.

To make these adorable snowmen you will need grapes, bananas, apple, carrot, mini chocolate chips, skewers, and pretzel sticks. Cut the bananas into thick slices. These pieces of banana will be what you use for the body. Cut the apple into triangular pieces. These apple pieces will be the hats. Cut the carrots into little slivers for the noses. First slide three pieces of banana onto the skewer. Then add a piece of apple. Put a grape on top (for the top of the hat). Now you just have to add the eyes, nose, arms, and buttons. Use the mini chocolate chips for the eyes and buttons. The Nose is just like any other snowman ... a carrot! For the arms stick the pretzel sticks on the middle piece of banana. Ta Da! You have a snowman!

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If you have any ideas of how you could change these around leave a comment below and let us know. Or do you have another favorite and healthy snack? Please share!

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