Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Abundant Harvest Review and Giveaway

Recently I was able to go to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and one of the games I was able to pick up to review was Abundant Harvest. A game that as a Christian I thought would be very fun to play as it is a game that is based upon a Biblical thought that you reap what you sow. My family normally ha 2-3 game nights a week where we sit down and just have fun playing board games only. Last week we decided to try out Abundant Harvest. And although the game has a good idea and concept to my dismay we were not able to play it. My mom and dad started going through some of the scenario cards and thought that it went into to much detail and had some things that did not need to be in there. Now we are a conservative Christian family and have had most talks about things like drugs, alcohol, etc. and this game is mainly dealing with issues like these, so we did not care for it. Although this would be a great game for a lost family or a family that is saved but is not exactly spiritual. The owner of the game told me that the main reason they made the game is because nowadays kids don't get talks about these subjects from their parents but rather from their peers. Not a good idea especially if they are lost or worldy peers. So I understand the idea behind the game and am supportive of it. I just think they could have done it in a not so explicit way.
Game Play- There are 2-8 players age 14-adult (there is a kids one that does not deal with the same issues but rather ones that young kids have to deal with). The goal of the game is obviously to get around the board. But you must answer and discuss subjects along the way. Subjects like "You were pulled over for speeding on the interstate. The Police Officer said that you were going 78MPH in a 55 MPH zone. You know you had your cruise control set on 60 MPH and feel you are being wrongfully accused." What do you do? The person to whom the question is asked then gives his reply. After which the parents or other players may put in their own idea and discuss how they should respond and react to problems like this one.

One of my readers will get a free Abundant Harvest Game for themselves.
The First person to go to Abundant Harvests Website and contact them letting them know you came from my blog will receive a free game.
Please comment here right after contacting so I can email the company to be sure you are first.
(Only The first person will win a copy)


corey1971 said...

I hopefully claimed the prize. (Corey Olomon)(

AmberLove said...

I don't believe I was first, but this would be a great game for my children's bible class at church...only if there are perhaps (2) to be awarded. Thanks for the info!

M and M said...

Hello Amber, There is only one winner right now but I will be hosting another giveaway when I put the kids review up later this week.