Monday, February 20, 2012

Tilex "Cancel The Mold Show In Your Bathroom" Sweepstakes!


How are you all today? I am glad all my Agents have a couple of minutes to meet us here at PI of Products. We have something else to investigate. MOLD!!

We used to have a Travel Trailer. We would bring the Trailer with us alot! One problem was that around the windows there would be alot of condensation and it would slowly get the beds wet. We just had a towel on the side of the beds and cleaned them off when they needed it. We were going on a trip that we would not need the trailer for we we left it at some friend's house. We made sure to leave the electricity plugged in so that it would not destroy the trailer and the things we had on there. We had a great trip! Then we came back and we were told that there had been a lightning storm and the electricity went out. We went and looked at our trailer and yes, the electricity did go out. There was another problem though. It had rained alot and our trailer started leaking! So by the time we got back there was mold growing in our trailer. Especially around the windows. And it smelled sooo bad! Then came some loooooooong days of cleaning. There were many things that had to be thrown out! And once we did go through everything and make sure anything that needed thrown away (which was alot of it!) was thrown away then we had to clean the trailer! Scrubbing everything! My allergies were bothering me when I went in the trailer so I couldn't even help except for short times until it alot of it had been cleaned.

Since that has happened we have been trying to make sure we keep everything clean and mold free! We sure don't want that to happen again! Here are some tips to keep your house free of mold.

1. If there is condensation around your window wipe it off! You need to make sure these stay dry. When we came back from our trip there was alot of mold around the windows where there had been condensation.

2. If a pipe or something starts leaking- get it fixed but until then make sure you keep it dry. Not cleaning it up can result in mold growing there.

3. If there are wet cloths - don't just stick them in a cupboard somewhere, or under the counter. They need washed! If you don't this is just asking for mold.

And lastly- Tilex just recently came out with a Mold Stain and Mildew Stain, Refreshing Breeze. I will have to investigate it and try it out! That is not all! To introduce their newest product they are having a "Cancel The Mold Show In Your Bathroom" sweepstakes. There are chances to win one of three 40" flat screen TVs. They are also giving away other prizes and if you share the news with your friends you will receive an extra entry for each one that you invite! Make sure you go check it out.

Do you have any tips for keeping your house free of mold? Share some in a comment below!

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