Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning My Spice Rack

Guest post written by Ariele Myers

I like to do spring cleaning in waves in my household. If I try to do it all at once it just ends up being entirely too much and getting really crazy. So this past weekend I decided that it was time to tackle my kitchen cabinets, which were pretty messy after all of the holiday cooking that I've done this winter.

One area that I knew needed some extra attention was my spices, so I looked online to see what other people have done to organize their spice cabinet. While I was looking for spice organization tips, I ran across some stuff on Sears Windows and was glad because we're going to replace our windows in about a month or so. We were thinking about going with some local contactor, but these were at a better price than the ones we'd been quoted before.

I finally did find the perfect tips to help create my newly organized spice rack and it gave me a little more motivation to cook. And I thought that I had nearly cooked myself out from all the holiday stuff!

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