Monday, November 12, 2012

KinderGlo Makes A Great Gift! Review/Giveaway

Hello Agents!

How is everyone?  We are all doing wonderful.  It has been raining all day, the temperature is dropping, and it is supposed to snow later!

I received an Antho the Tyrannosaurus KinderGlo for review.  He is really cute!  Included in the box is a charging station (which is compatible with all KinderGlo products), and instructions.

Here is Antho (We just call him our T-rex) with his charging station.  "Antho the T-Rex is many kids favorite dinosaur with a lot of detail on his body and face.  He is really great to look at when he glows at night and smiles his big toothy dinosaur smile at you.   Antho is now about 5 inches tall and has all the features common to all the rechargeable KinderGlo Night Lights."

Look at that toothy dinosaur grin! :-)

Setup is really easy!  Just plug the wall charger into your electrical outlet, plug the other end into the charging station, and you are ready!

T-rex is really enjoying his charging station!  :D  We set him up on our dresser beside our bed.

When he is on the station and charging there is a little red light at the bottom of the charger.

Wow!  Look at those colors!  We usually keep him on the rotating colors.  If you want just a certain color (to many colors keep them awake?) press the little button on the bottom of the charger and it will change to just one color (keep pressing to choose a different color - red, blue, or green).

You can also set a timer for a 30 minute auto-shut off or a continuos on (hold the button on the bottom of the charger)!

Here is the green!  Isn't that neat!?!?

The light is just right!  It is bright enough to keep them from being scared, but not so bright it will keep them awake!

Any child would love to own a KinderGlo Nightlight.  They make great gifts!  Make sure you check out the KinderGlo website.

One of my Agents will receive a KinderGlo!  Wow!

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DEBIJOT said...

I think he would love the Owl KinderGlo

andrea v said...

Tyrannosaurus Night Light
My son likes that one.

Mike Davis said...

Our new little one--Nikki will be here in Feb-2013-- I think the Angel Night Light would be perfect for her.--thanks for asking

Myrna said...

Either the angel, or the elephant

michelle mcafee said...

He would love the elephant.

Amanda Rauch said...

The hippo is so cute!