Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hello Agents!

How is everyone today?  It was pretty chilly this morning (11 degrees out), but it warmed up to thirty-three degrees this afternoon.  How is the weather where ya'll are investigating this week?

I have been looking around on and it reminds me of our when our church competes in Masters Club.  First we would go up a day early.  We would swap around who rode with who - by the time we were done there were members of several families all in one vehicle.  We would all stop at one fast food restaurant and take up half of the seating! :)  We would get to the hotel early afternoon, and get everything unpacked (and get everything ready for the competition the next day:).  That night either all of us, or just the adults, would go out to dinner while teenagers/young adults watched the kids at the hotel (usually ordered pizza, played games, etc.).  Early the next morning we would head downstairs to the breakfast room (our group almost took up the whole breakfast room:).  While down there we would go over some last minute things together, all the girls got their hair braided, etc.  Everyone would go upstairs and grab everything they needed for the competition (crafts, costumes, accessories, etc.) and we would all head out!

Once we arrived, we registered all the kids, chose a section of the bleachers for our group, set out the crafts the kids brought, and let the excitement rise!  :)  When the leader of Masters Club finished explaining things all the kids rushed off to do their individual events (Bible Story Telling, Preacher Boy, Missionary Bio, Sword Drill, etc.).  At about twelve everyone breaks for lunch.  After that is the Bible quizzing (some individual Bible quizzing, some team Bible quizzing).  That is really fun (to watch and participate in!), but it is a lot of hard work for everyone (especially the kids).  We usually enter two teams in this event and usually win First and Second place!  One of our quizzers also usually wins the Quizzer of the Year Award.  Next is the Team Bible Relays (this is the big event of the day).  We usually win at least First and Second (and sometimes third or fourth depending upon how many teams we had that year).  So yes, our group comes away with quite a few awards! :)  And every year we go out to celebrate at a local Italian fast food restaurant afterwards.  The whole trip is a lot of fun and everyone loves it!

Have you/your church competed in any Bible events?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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