Friday, January 4, 2013

Has Your Husband/Brother Ever Used a Badger Hair Shave Brush?

Hello Agents!

How is everyone today?  We are all doing great (Princess Pansy too)!  We have her little bed set up in my room, and she has gotten used to it so she sleeps in it all of the time now.  Each morning when I wake up she is by my bed fussing for me to get up.  When I get out of bed she starts dancing around and licking me.  :)  Then she follows me into the other room, and tells my sisters good morning by putting her paws up on the side of the bed and licking them.  We take her out in the backyard several times a day and she has been doing great!  She loves to run around and play with everyone.  She also plays with our Duma (our cat), even though Duma smacks her on the face (of course when Pansy tries chasing her tail, who can blame her).

Anyway - back to the question... Has your husband, brother, etc. ever used a badger hair shave brush?  My dad and brothers haven't ever used one, but they have so many other items!  I went into their bathroom and cleaned it the other day, and the whole top of their medicine cabinet was totally full with so many different types/brands/scents/style of after shave/cologne.  And then they had some sitting on the counter!  I went though their medicine cabinet and they had about six or seven razors (some of which were disposable razors, some of which were electric razors), then I found two razors sitting on the counter... and there are only three of them!  They also each own several combs.  When I was cleaning their bathroom I found six different combs... and they were each just a little bit bigger or smaller, or wider, or thinner than the others!  Next was all of the hair gel.  There was one HUGE tub of green hair gel, several small tubs, and a lot of tubes of hair gel (big tubes and small tubes).  It took me about twenty minutes to get this all organized for them.

Does your husband/brother have any tips to share?    Do they have any funny collections?  Leave a comment and let us know!

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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