Friday, January 4, 2013

Funny Lawn Signs!

Hello Agents!

How many of you have seen some funny lawn signs?  We have!  Since we travel so much we have seen a lot of funny signs... and I mean FUNNY signs!

Right now we are planning our trip to Florida (in February) including where we are staying each night, what attractions we would like to visit and when, etc.  We have also been deciding what we need to bring, and all those other little necessary things.  I received a really nice little camera as a gift, so I will of course bring it on the trip and snap photos of any more funny or humorous signs, bumper stickers, etc.

The sign below we saw while taking a trip to Chicago.  We stopped at a gas station for a quick bathroom stop and to grab some drinks.  It looks like an ordinary sign at first glance, but then you realize they are advertising two pizza slices... for only five hundred dollars!

Another sign we saw, really wouldn't have been that funny, except that I have sisters. :)  There was a sign for Tow Zone, so she thought she would be funny and put her toe in the toe (tow) zone...

We have also seen some other really funny signs.  Like one on a shopping cart that said all items in cart half price... but there wasn't anything in the cart!  Then there was another sign that was advertising that the DVD would be available on the 23th (instead of available on the 23rd).  We have also seen bumper stickers that say "Guns Don't Kill People - Dads With Pretty Daughters Do"or "DADD -Dads Against Dating Daughters".  The one day when we were traveling we stopped for some drinks and saw a storage unit company behind the local Burger King... and it was called "Storage Units Behind Burger King".  Anyway, those are just a couple odd or funny signs/bumper stickers that we have seen in our many travels.  Have you seen or heard of any funny or humorous signs?  If so leave a comment below and let us know so we can all laugh. :)

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts, opinions, and pictures are mine.

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