Thursday, January 3, 2013

Modest Swimwear!

Hello Agents!

How is everyone today?  We are doing really good.  The weather is pretty chilly right now and it is supposed to snow again later!  How many of you wish it was a warm summer day, and that you could go swimming?  We used to stay at a friends house and we would take turns with their pool.  The boys would swim for forty five minutes, and then the girls would swim for forty five minutes (We do make sure to wear modest swimwear - we usually wear a pair of culottes with a t-shirt.).  When it was the boys turn to swim, the girls would go pick berries, ride the bikes on the back road, visit the secret fort in the woods behind the house, etc.  Or we would go jump on the trampoline out in the sun, get all hot and sweaty, and then go jump into the pool to cool off!

My little sister especially loves swimming.  Whenever we stay in a hotel she is begging for someone to take her down to swim in the indoor pool.  We recently visited a hotel that had an L-shaped pool with water fountains at each corner.  Really neat!

They also had a hot tub/heated pool off to the side, and it had a stone water fountain at the back of it.  It was  really nice pool, and she thought it was alot of fun!

She really loves to swim, but the only time she gets to is when we visit a hotel.  This hotel also had a Hot Tub in the room.  Within the one night stay that we were there, she was in the Hot Tub four times, and in the pool/heated pool twice.  Wow!  She loves to be in the water.  Today she went and took an hour long bath.

She really likes trying to do tricks in the water.  She will stand on my back, do flips, etc.  She has a lot of fun!  How many of you like to go swimming?  Do you have a sibling/friend/child that LOVES to go swimming or take a long bath?  I like going swimming ... just not as much as her. :)  

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.  

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