Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have You Ever Used Heavy Haul Services?

Hello Agents!

How is everyone?  We are doing really good.  We had a good nights sleep last night and left about eight thirty this morning.  It was a much shorter trip than yesterday, but it sill felt good to pull in somewhere and be able to get out of the vehicle.  Have any of you ever used heavy haul services?  We had to rent once when we had the deck built because some of the pieces of wood were really long and would not fit in the vehicle.

This evening (when everyone was getting bored of spending time in the vehicle:) everyone started getting a little bit silly, and started joking about different signs, etc.  It reminded me of when we had been traveling and stopped at a Gas Station for a quick bathroom break, and snacks.  We were getting ready to pull out when a large flatbed truck pulled into the gas station.  Then we noticed that the only thing on the flatbed... was a little toy Tonka truck!

It looked sooo funny!  That is somebody that has a sense of humor.  Anyway - we pulled in about five o' clock this evening and started to get ready for church.  We all quickly ironed our clothing and took turns changing (there was a prayer meeting at five forty-five).  It was really good to see all of our friends again.  We stood around talking until church started, and after church we all stood around fellow-shipping for a while.  Then several families (ours, plus four or five other families) went out to eat together for dinner.  The adults were sitting at a table, the older girls at one table, the younger girls at one table, and the youngest girls at one table (and then all the older boys sat together at one table, and the younger boys sat at another table). We ordered and then sat down to wait for the food (with such a large group it came out in increments :).  We ate dinner, while fellow-shipping the entire time, and then headed back to where we are staying.  Tomorrow evening we are going over to someone's house to have dinner with them.  

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts, opinions, and pictures are mine.  

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