Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have You Used Peels Before?

Hi Fellow Investigators!  

I am doing some research on skin care.  With 5 girls in the family we use quite a few skin care products.  A whole bathroom cabinet full!  (Some of the men do too!)  Anyway, we have two teens and one pre-teen, who of course experience that great teenage affliction of acne.  Mom on the other hand has some aging spots she would love to get rid of.  Have any of you ever tried any Tca peels?  C and H have each tried some different peels before.  I am just wondering how effective the peels are.  Have any of my investigators tried any kind of peels before?  What is your personal opinions on them?  Do they work?  

Of course there are also many different kinds of creams and lotions you can also choose from on the market.  Personally we have tried different brands of the lotions and creams with varying results.  One of us has super sensitive skin and it reacts to different chemicals in different ways. We are presently trying to narrow it down.  Sometimes it is a body soap or shampoo and then there are certain laundry detergents that seem to be responsible for the reactions.  We are trying to find some natural products that can be used to help rectify this situation.  A small rash will appear often along with itching and we know it has happened again and we have to make another change.  

Most of the time when it comes to acne it is just the occasional outbreak.  Usually right before something important is going on.  You know, like family pictures, or a big church function we are supposed to attend.  Just when you want to look your best, acne appears!  We do have products on hand for that occasional outbreak.    

Do any of you PIs have a secret that seems to work for you?  We would love for you to share it with us here in the comments, especially if it is a natural method that does not use alot of chemicals.  What works for you?  I will be checking back to see what you have to say.   

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.  

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