Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are You Looking for a Dentist?

Hello Agents!

Back again!  And yes, I do have my Vanilla Coke :)  I just took the dogs outside to play for a couple of minutes.  It has been warm enough (34 degrees out) that the snow is starting to melt... and get all slushy... and make everything muddy... really gross!  My little sister is hoping to be able to make a snowman before the snow totally melts... maybe this evening she will be able to.  But, she also wants to get the rest of the family outside to have a snowball fight tonight!  We'll see how it goes.

We are thinking about taking another trip out West (mainly Texas) the end of this month.  Speaking of which, is anyone looking for an Orem Dentist?  We don't need one right now, but may some time in the future.  We used to have a great dentist that everyone enjoyed (especially because he would let us choose a something out of his bin - we always went for the sticky hands!).  Anyway - we may go out because there is a convention going on there and we would probably stop in and see some friends.  Of course we would have to stop at a couple of the book stores :)

We got a lot of cleaning done today.  My little sister went through her clothes in the closet this morning and has three bags (big trash bags!) FULL of clothing to get rid of!  Some of it she had never worn, some of it she wore once or twice and either didn't like it or stuffed it in the back and forgot about it, some of it she didn't even know she had!  It is amazing how much she had that was just sitting in the closet.  She also organized the hanging clothes... the closet sure looks a lot better!  :)  Tonight she is making dinner for everyone... hot dogs with chili sauce and cheese (one of my dad's favorite meals!), and corn.  Tonight we will probably have some more family time (board games, puzzles or crafts, ice cream, and family devotions!).

What does your family do for a special time together?  Do you play board games, pull out a puzzle or some crafts, read a book together?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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