Friday, March 8, 2013

Have You Used a Stump Grinder?

Hello Agents!

How is everyone this morning?  Remember when I told ya'll about our deck being re-built?  While we were doing that we also had the tree in the back yard removed (we loved having it there, but it was dead and if it fell over in a storm it would have landed on the house - which wouldn't have been good! :).  So we had some people come and take down the tree... but then we had the stump left in the middle of the yard!  We tried EVERYTHING we could think of to get that stump out - the boys took axes (and they tried a saw) and chopped and chopped, but it didn't do much.  They tried cutting some areas and starting a fire in the stump, and that helped a little, but not much.  Of course we could have used a Stump Grinder if we had know about them!  Really - it would have made everything soooo much easier!  Have any of you used a stump grinder, do you think it works well?  How do you take care of your yard?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Speaking of taking care of the yard... my little sister LOVES to mow the lawn.  Really!  Usually one of my brothers mow the lawn, but she will go outside while they are mowing and literally BEG them to let her mow.  Of course we have to be careful because they have run over socks (how did those get in the yard - I don't know!), dog toys, dog bones, etc. while mowing the lawn.  Have you run over anything interesting in your yard?

Anyway... my little sister wasn't able to build her snowman last night, but she is hoping to be able to today before all of the snow melts.  Today we are trying to get a little more work done around the house before starting back to our normal schedule on Monday.  We had a lot of fun on the trip to Florida, but it sure is nice to be back home again.  The dogs are really enjoying having everyone here (since only my brother was here for over a month!).

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