Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Do You Use Internet Marketing?

Hello Agents!

How is everyone?  Yes... I am back yet again this afternoon!

Have any of my agents ever used strategic internet marketing with OrangeSoda?  Nobody in my family ever has, but it may be worth looking into.  There are so many different types of marketing you can do online and internet marketing is so worth it!  I don't know how many times after seeing a certain product advertised online I will go and buy that item, or tell a friend about it and they purchase that item or service, etc.  There have been several times that we have mentioned a certain product that we had seen advertised on the internet to a friend, and he goes and buys several of them!

Anyway... Roxie and Ruby (our friend's two dogs that we are watching) are doing pretty well.  We have walked them a couple of times, we gave them a dog food and water in the kitchen, and a couple of toys (dog/tennis balls, squeaky toys, etc.).  They are getting along fine with our dogs (Sir Webster, Lady Grace, Princess Pansy, and Shadow).  Everyone is finished with school for today... some of us are doing computer work, some of them are cleaning their bedrooms (making sure their beds are made correctly, putting away clean laundry, making sure their toys are put away, etc.).  We will be having an early dinner at about four thirty to five o'clock, because several of us have Taekwondo classes tonight (speaking of which, everyone is doing really good at the Taekwondo classes.  Everyone pretty much knows the first form that we have been learning and practicing, we just have to work on the stance/footwork because we are used to standing in the Karate stance which is a bit different.).  When we get home after attending the classes we will be having Bible devotions together, and then we will probably pull out a board game, card game, or craft to play/do together for a while.  We all really enjoy playing games, and we have several new ones to try out!  What about your family?  Do you have a special game ya'll like to play, do you have some new games to try?  Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite is!

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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